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William Kono Dahlin Hawai dead, Hawai’i Season 3’s Tribute, Explained

A heartbreaking scene from “NCIS: Hawaii”‘s Season 3 debut, “Run and Gun,” served as a painful reminder that fiction frequently reflects reality. William “Kono” Dahlin, a background extra and crew member who passed very suddenly on July 19, 2023, at the age of 49, was honored in this episode.

Dahlin was a cherished part of the “NCIS: Hawaii” cast, and her influence went beyond the set. Having a contagious smile, he was a dedicated member of the team who made a lasting impression on the procedural. He died suddenly and unexpectedly after suffering a deadly gunshot wound during a bar fight, leaving a gap felt by everyone who knew him.

The envelope’s title, “In Loving Memory of William ‘Kono’ Dahlin,” pays eloquent tribute to a man who uplifted and delighted everyone in his path. According to his web obituary, he is survived by his father, sister, and brother in addition to his three children, Karli, Tyler, and Jacob.

The love that Dahlin’s community and coworkers showed for him was clear, as was his warmth and camaraderie. The show’s Jesse Boone, Noah Mills, expressed shock at the news and recalled his good times working with Kono for nearly two years, highlighting the influence he had on everyone’s life.

As it pays homage to a cherished team member and honors William Kono Dahlin, “NCIS: Hawai’i” also emphasizes the personal relationships that cut beyond the lines of fiction. During this trying time, our sincere condolences are extended to Kono’s family, friends, and the entire “NCIS: Hawaii” community. I hope he finds peace.

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