5 Holi Decor Ideas Using Recycled Materials

Colourful Paper Garlands

Create vibrant paper garlands by recycling old magazines, newspapers, or colourful paper scraps. Cut the paper into strips or shapes and string them together to make long garlands.

Upcycled Flower Vases

Transform old glass bottles or jars into colourful flower vases for your Holi decorations. Clean and decorate the bottles with paints, glitter, or colourful ribbons.

Rangoli with Natural Materials

Instead of using powdered colours for your rangoli designs, get creative with natural materials found in your surroundings. Collect colourful flowers, leaves, petals, and even grains like rice or lentils to create intricate rangoli patterns.

Fabric Scrap Banners

Turn old fabric scraps or worn-out clothes into vibrant banners to decorate your Holi party space. Cut the fabric into triangles or squares and sew or glue them onto a string or ribbon to make colourful banners.


Instead of using fairy lights, decorate your home with diyas. Decorate them with glitters, paints and ribbons to add a touch of colour to your Holi celebration.

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