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Sidra Hassouna Video, Girl Who Was Killed on Super Bowl Night

A terrifying incident that occurred on the eve of the Super Bowl was just made public and went viral online. According to the reports, Sidra Hassouna, a 12-year-old girl, was killed on Super Bowl game night. In an unexpected turn of events, the girl’s fence-hanging video became popular online, igniting a national debate and a great deal of controversy. Once they saw this video, internet users were incensed. How is Sidra Hassouna doing?

Ever since the disturbing video of Sidra Hassouna became viral online, a lot of concerns have been bothering people. Millions of people have seen the 12-year-old girl’s explicit video as of right now, which has brought the issue to global attention. Just in case you’re rushing to the internet in regards to Sidra Hassouna’s viral video.

Watch Sidra Hassouna Viral Video, Girl Who Was Killed on Super Bowl Night

Who Was Sidra Hassouna? Video Goes Viral of 12-year-old Girl Hanged On Wall

Investigations revealed that Sidra Hassouna’s untimely death was caused by the worsening conflict scenario in Gaza. The small child, known as Sidra Hassouna, is said to have perished on February 12, 2024, during an Israeli air attack on Rafah, Gaza. The 12-year-old girl is seen in the horrifying footage, which went viral online, hanging from a destroyed building with her legs severed and her face distorted. The young girl’s horrific video surprised and grieved everyone.

It didn’t take long for Sidra Hassouna’s gruesome video to go viral. The widely shared image of Sidra Hassouna personifies the staggering human cost that both Israel and Gaza have sustained in this conflict. The young child was allegedly seen alive in a social media video 12 hours before the explosion. The video is hot right now on X. Amidst the confrontation between Israel and Gaza, Sidra Hassouna was discovered dead.

The footage was uploaded by @abierkhatib, a user on Twitter. “Her name is Sidra Hassouna,” the user says in the video that @nuggets-on_a_roof uploaded to TikTok. My memory of Sidra Hassouna will always be burned into my mind. For those of you who have no idea what the f**k I am talking about, let me explain. Yesterday, a child had her limbs severed and was fastened to the wall, hanging from it.

A young person… We are unable to comprehend the extent of Palestinian dehumanization that has occurred. Do you hear what I’m saying when I say that I will kill a child and hang her body, limbs severed, from a wall? Talk to me like you’re unaware that a genocide is occurring.

People on social media have been responding to the explicit footage. The startling comment “They want the world to forget what happened” was made by one user. When they learned about the 12-year-old child Sidra’s experience, online users expressed their shock. The sudden death of Sidra Hassouna shocked people all around the world and caused a great deal of sadness and incredulity. Nevertheless, a sizable number of people are expressing their sympathy and support for her family.

The people on the other side of the battle are the ones who are suffering the most. Sidra Hassouna is only one of thousands of people who have perished as a result of the utter brutality of war. For those who do not know, Israel and Gaza have been at war for almost 70 years, ever since the founding of Israel and the expulsion of Palestinians from their ancient homes. So far, the two countries have engaged in fifteen battles. Keep checking NewsBig for updates and more information.

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