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People are interested in learning more about the viral video of Marianita and her boyfriend Brandon that has gone viral on social media.

Due to the inappropriate video that was posted to Facebook being leaked, Mariana and Brandon’s names have been in the news this Monday, May 13. But this content started to go viral on TikTok and X, the former name of Twitter, where thousands of users commented on “Marianita.”

The Colombian tiktoker had to disable the comments on her profile in the Chinese program as a result.
And I thought it was simply kisses,” you can read in her most recent post. “They dance really wonderfully, but you have already seen the leaked video of them,” “she is too young to have tattoos, they have given her a lot of freedom,” and other statements. Instagram, in which he can be seen dancing with his companion.

All the indications point to the existence of the multimedia file, but it consists of many 17-second chunks. A picture of Mariana and Brandon taken from their social media accounts appears in the opening scene.
Subsequently, a closer contact between the couple of tiktokers is seen, with Brandon taking the video; however, it is unclear who released it. On the other hand, internet users claim that Brandon did it.

Uploading any kind of material that could compromise someone’s integrity is illegal. Depending on the case and circumstances, uploading a tape that was posted online without authorization may result in a term as long as five years.

It is significant to note that neither “Marianita” nor Brandon have posted anything on their social media accounts as of yet, but it is anticipated that they will do so in the coming days.

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