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StrawberryTabby Twitch Streamer Banned Again, Reason Behind Her Ban and All the Details about Streamer

A video of IShowSpeed and StrawberryTabby broadcasting from inside a tub became viral in 2023, causing the internet to crash. They were just enjoying a casual talk, chatting with each other, and engaging with their followers via the live chat option; nothing inappropriate occurred during the stream.

According to what is happening now, the female streamer has broken Twitch’s rules and conditions, which led to her ban. Many times, the platform has banned Tabby.

Twitch Streamer StrawberryTabby Banned Again

This time, the reason she was hit was because the Twitch moderators found her feed to be extremely sexually explicit. Fans are uncertain of the duration of Tabby’s current ban, adding to the approximately eight previous bans from the platform.

Tabitha L., also known as Strawberry Tabby, is a popular Twitch streamer. She entered our world in New Jersey on November 11, 2002. She began collaborating with IShowSpeed online last year, which helped her obtain exposure from his large fan base and catapult her to fame.

Her feeds and material are primarily focused on fan chats or ASMR-style broadcasts. “Just Chatting” and “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” are the names of her streams. She has kept up her famously toned body over the years.

On other social media sites, StrawberryTabby is becoming very famous after attracting a large following. She boasts over 266k X followers and over 333,000 Instagram followers.

There has been no official word from her regarding the ban as of this writing. When she returns to streams, fans will be there in droves.

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