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The live footage of Obdulia Sanchez caused a huge backlash on social media after becoming viral. Eight years old was driving under the influence when she got into an accident. She continued to stream live after the incident, which claimed the life of her younger sister.

Details indicate that Obdulia Sanchez, 18, was driving when her car swerved and wrecked in a California field while she was live-streaming herself on Instagram. Jacqueline, her 14-year-old sister, was flung out of the Buick onto the field where she perished while riding in the back seat without a seatbelt.

Rather than dialing for assistance, her older sister persisted in live-streaming the event on Instagram, even setting up the camera to photograph her sister’s lifeless corpse as she expressed her regret to her.

“I will always love my sister, ****.” It doesn’t matter to me. Our demise is imminent. In the unsettling video, which was posted on X (previously Twitter), she states, “This is the last thing I wanted to happen to us but it just did,” in an unsettlingly cool and callous way. “Wake up, please, Jackie. The last thing I wanted to happen was this.It doesn’t matter that I killed my sister. My sister was killed by me. Even though I know I’m going to jail, I don’t care. I apologize, sweetie. I’m going to hold it down.Peace be with you, sweetheart.

Charges of driving while intoxicated and vehicular manslaughter have led to Sanchez’s arrest. Manuela Seja, another passenger in the vehicle, sustained a serious leg injury. She declined to hold Sanchez accountable for the mishap, though. “Social media has an impact on everything,” she stated in an interview. “Life is like that now. And it will continue to progress. That will be the main focus of it.

Driver Obdulida Sanchez is not at fault; the teen who survived the livestreamed crash is not.
The teenager who was livestreamed on Instagram after a deadly automobile crash in California said she doesn’t hold anyone accountable for the collision that claimed the life of the driver’s younger sister, a close friend who she called courageous and intelligent.
Following the crash, Manuela Seja discusses Obdulia Sanchez on livestream.
Manuela Seja, 14, said to NPW, “To be honest, I don’t blame anybody, and I’m not mad at anyone.”

The California Highway Patrol reports that the driver, Obdulia Sanchez, 18, was arrested for DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter while drunk and taken to the Merced County Jail.

Sanchez was driving a 2003 Buick on Friday when it swerved onto a road’s shoulder northwest of Fresno, according to the authorities. Her overcorrection caused the vehicle to veer across lanes, slam into a barbed wire fence, and flip over into an open field.

The two 14-year-old passengers in the backseat were thrown from the vehicle because they were not buckled up. The 14-year-old little sister of Obdulia, Jacqueline Sanchez, passed away. Seja had scratches and bruises in addition to a leg injury, but she lived.

The driver is visible outside the vehicle in the footage close to what looks to be her younger sister’s body.

Seja said Jacqueline Sanchez had a promising future to the affiliate.

“To be honest, I did see her succeeding in the future. She was smart and brave,” Seja remarked.

A relative named Sergio Ramos Estrada told NPW that the youngsters were getting ready for a Quinceañera, which is a unique celebration of turning 15 years old, when the accident occurred.

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