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Megan thee stallion – Megan thee stallion video

A group of pals playing a brand-new game at the beginning of the video sets the tone for an adventure full with allusions and vivid visuals.

Megan’s haircut, which was modeled after One Piece character Boa Hancock, is one of the most distinctive elements. Her hairstylist Kellon Deryck painstakingly created an angled, choppy half-bob haircut for her that perfectly reflects the character’s distinct appearance.
Megan displays a range of striking hairstyles in the video. Every style she chooses enhances her character and goes well with the vivid surroundings. From a turquoise bob with bright pink bangs and flipped-out ends, reminiscent of anime aesthetics, to voluminous long curls radiating elegance and vitality.

The ad deftly combines allusions to well-known films like Jumanji with allusions to hit video games like Snake, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.

Notably, the song’s nostalgic feel is enhanced by the Gwen Stefani “What You Waiting For?” sample.Every photo captures Megan’s love of cosplay and gaming, which demonstrates her dedication to giving her followers a complex experience.

The “Boa” music video, with its painstaking attention to detail and faultless execution, is a monument to Megan Thee Stallion’s limitless inventiveness and inventiveness in the fields of music and visual narrative.

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