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Louise Abuel Private Video Leaked and Gone Viral on Twitter & Reddit, Scandal Explained

Viewer caution is advised: This content contains discussions of sensitive topics, including the unlawful release of private videos, which may upset some viewers.

The web has leaked a private video of famous Filipino teen actress Louise Abuel. This is why the 20-year-old actor has been making waves on X/Twitter. Many online users asked to be included in the list of people who may share his video as word of his viral film spread over the internet. Reports indicate that the video is free of deepfake and editing, and it is fairly clear.

A Private Video of Louise Abuel Is going viral on Reddit and Twitter

Upon its initial leak, many assumed the video featured another Filipino actor named McCoy de Leon; however, it was later revealed to be Louise Abuel.

The video has gone viral, and according to some accounts, it shows him in an explicit encounter with a famous actress whose identity is still a mystery.

Who is Louise Abuel?

Born on December 27, 2023, in Manila, Philippines, Louise Darnell Alba Abuel is her real name. He began his career in advertising before transitioning to the performing world.

He first appeared on television as Kevin Delgado in the popular series “100 Days to Heaven.” His other notable roles include Pikoy in Juan Dela Cruz and Young Jao in Princess and I. At the 18th Dhaka International Film Festival in 2020, Louise Abuel was named Best Actor in an Asian Film.

Coming back to the video

What happened to the video that went viral? No one knows for sure. However, the word got out very quickly on several social media sites, capturing the interest of internet users. So far, he has refrained from making any official statements regarding the incident surrounding the private video leak. Many well-known people’s consented-to private movies have recently surfaced online.

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