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Lodam Bhabhi Season 2 Part 3 Web Series (2024): Actress Name, Release Date

Satyam Srivastava and Parvez Alam are the directors of the third part of the Lodam Bhabhi Season 2 web series. The series has Tripti Berra and Kamalika Chanda as the main characters, with Parth Bartakke, Payal Patil, and Harry Khatri as the supporting cast. On March 8, 2024, two episodes of Lodam Bhabhi: Season 2 Part 3 will be available online.


NameLodam Bhabhi
OTT PlatformRabbit App
Release Date8 March 2024


The story of the series is about an isolated Indian village. Lodam teaches three young women in the art of tailor. The water can supply feelings for the students, but Lodam always gets in the way of her attempts to connect with them. At its core, the show is about his battles to win over the ladies.


Here are the main cast members of the Lodam Bhabhi web series,

  • Harry Khatri as Gulab
  • Parth Bartakke as Phuddan
  • Bhavna Rokade
  • Ajay Nayak as Latheru
  • Alkesh Mishra as Paturwa
  • Bhupendra Singh


Check out the list of episodes from Lodam Bhabhi Season 2 Part 3 web series,

  • Episode 5 – Bhabhi
  • Episode 6 – Lessons

How To Watch The Lodam Bhabhi Web Series Online On Rabbit Movies App?

  • Go to the Play Store and get the Rabbit Movies app.
  • To enroll, choose a plan and provide your details.
  • Finish making the payment.
  • Search for the Lodam Bhabhi Season 2 Part 3 Web Series
  • Click the poster in the results and then hit the WATCH NOW button to watch every episode online.
  • Downloading the episodes to watch later is also an option.
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