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Jess Glynne is Lesbian Or Bisexual? Her Relationship Status Explained

English musician Jess Glynne writes and performs music. In 2013, she signed with Atlantic Records, which catapulted her to fame. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon her for her deeply moving musical style. With smash hits like “Gave Me Something,” a Grammy, and over 2.5 billion streams across Spotify and YouTube, Glynne has cemented her place in music history. However, her sexual stances have become the subject of speculation in light of recent events. “Is Jess Glynne Lesbian?” is what we’re looking for today.

Is Jess Glynne Lesbian Or Bisexual?

As a result of her interest in both sexes, Jess Glynne identifies as bisexual. But she’s been forthright about her connections with men and women. Nonetheless, Jess avoids identifying with labels. Nobody should ever label Jess as bisexual or lesbian; she refuses to do so.

Either a man or a woman can be with her and she will be fine. She says in an interview that her loved ones are quite accepting of her regardless of her partner’s gender. It is unfair to judge someone just because they love someone else, according to Jess. Who we are is not defined by our private lives, says Jess.

How Was Jess Glynne’s Bisexuality Made Public?

Jess Glynne’s first album was heavily influenced by her experiences in a failed gay relationship, which she discussed after coming out as bisexual. She would rather her sexuality remain anonymous and unrecognized than become a focal point of attention.

According to Glynne, her parents and friends are interested in her romantic connections, although she doesn’t mind going out with men or women. Although Glynne came out as bisexual in 2016, she has chosen not to use the term because she does not wish to be “boxed” in any way by her sexual orientation.

In addition, her use of derogatory terms during Mo Gilligan’s interview brings her into the spotlight.

Relationship Status of Jess Glynne

Famous artist Jess Glynne is seeing actor Alex Scott. They first appeared in public together in May 2023, leading to speculation that they were having an affair. Ever since then, they’ve been seen together at other gatherings. After publicly wishing Jess Glynne a happy birthday and mentioning her new song “Friend of Mine,” Alex Scott confirmed their relationship status on her birthday.

According to Jess Glynne, this partnership is bringing her joy and ease. Being authentic is what she stresses. After attending The BRIT Awards together in March 2024, Jess Glynne finally spoke about their romance.

She still places a high importance on keeping her private life out of the spotlight, even if her relationship is in the public eye. It appears like the singer is savoring this new chapter of her life while keeping some things private.

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