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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Viral Deepfake Video Case, Demands €100,000 in damages after AI-generated deepfake video goes viral online on Twitter or Reddit

The Deepfake Video Controversy Featuring Giorgia Meloni: A deepfake scandal involving the well-known Italian politician Giorgia Meloni has gone viral on social media. There are serious concerns regarding the moral consequences of deepfake technology brought up by a video that has gone viral and falsely portrays Meloni participating in inappropriate behavior. Amid the video’s meteoric rise in popularity on sites like Reddit and Twitter, concerns about its possible risks have prompted demands for more regulation and more media education. Learn more about the deepfake video of Giorgia Meloni and the uproar it caused online.

Deepfake Video of Giorgia Meloni Goes Viral

Italian politician Giorgia Meloni, head of the conservative group Fratelli d’Italia, has lately been in the middle of a scandal involving a deepfake video that went viral. The fast development of deepfake technology has made it possible to create very convincing fake videos; one such video, purporting to show Meloni acting inappropriately, has surfaced online.

The video went viral after swiftly becoming popular on sites like Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. A lot of people are talking about the limits of deepfake technology and its ethical implications because of this incident. With each passing day, the video brought more attention to the risks and damage that could result from this technology being misused.

Deepfake films can seriously harm people’s credibility and the public’s faith in them, and this must be acknowledged. A more vigilant public and more stringent rules are required in response to the Giorgia Meloni deepfake video, which went viral. To responsibly navigate the digital world, it is crucial to develop critical thinking skills and media literacy.

Giorgia Meloni demands €100,000 in damages

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is firmly opposing the abuse of deepfake technology and artificial intelligence. She is suing the defendants for €100,000 (about Rs 90 lakh) since her false pornographic movie went viral on a US pornographic website.

The prime minister, Paolo Meloni, will reportedly testify against the accused on July 2 in Sassari, Sardinia, according to a BBC report. A 40-year-old man is facing charges of using deepfake technology to construct an obscene film with the face of Prime Minister Meloni. Additionally, his father, who is 73 years old, is also involved with the probe. Both individuals are currently facing defamation accusations, which carries a prison sentence in Italy of six months to three years. The news source states that the authorities have even located the user’s mobile device.

Maria Giulia Marongiu, advisor to Prime Minister Paolo Meloni, described the sum as “symbolic” and said that the purpose of the compensation claim was to “send a message to women who are victims of this kind of abuse of power not to be afraid to press charges.”

The deepfake video went viral in 2022, the year she became prime minister of Italy.

What is a deepfake video?

Deepfake videos, for those who are unaware, are intentionally misleading videos in which one person’s face is digitally superimposed over another’s for nefarious purposes. Several well-known Indians, including actors Akshay Kumar, Rashmika Mandanna, and Alia Bhatt, had their deepfake videos become viral. The creators of these videos intend to damage these celebrities’ reputations. Extortion from individuals in India is another usage of this AI technology.

An altered film purports to show Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and a contestant on the TV show “Kon Banega Crorepati” talking about a program that will waive farmers’ loan payments in Madhya Pradesh. This caused then-CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan to be portrayed in an unfavorable light.

With India’s Lok Sabha elections quickly approaching, deepfake technology has emerged as a key issue.

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