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Is Wendy Williams Lesbian? Is Wendy Williams Have A Child?

A well-known American media personality, Wendy Williams has been in the limelight. In between all of this, there have been rumors that Wendy Williams is lesbian. What is the gender and sexual orientation of Wendy Williams Hunter, a talented American artist known for her paintings and her work as an author, broadcaster, and media personality better known by her professional name, Wendy Joan Williams? Her entertainment career began in 2008 when she was the voice host of the widely syndicated talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” until 2021.

Is Wendy Williams A Lesbian?

The date of birth of Wendy Williams is July 18, 1964. Williams was well-known on the radio before she is now well-known on television. In New York City, she became known as the “shock jock” because of her frank discussions and disagreements with celebrities. Beyond just being a broadcaster, Williams has also written several books, experimented with comedy and acting, and started her line of wigs, earrings, and personal accessories.

In recognition of Wendy Williams’ enormous achievements in radio, which led to her admission into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009, her birthplace, Wendy Williams Way, was given to her on her birthday.

Wendy Williams, no matter the growing media coverage and her admissions to the contrary, has denied having a romantic relationship with Whitney Houston’s former lady friend, Robyn Crawford. During an episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams addressed the rumors head-on and categorically denied them.

“I am not a lesbian,” she clarified about her sexual preference. Williams declared, “I like guys and I just like the D.” to make her preference for men clear. An article that said Williams was looking for female companionship in Crawford is where the notion started. However, Williams rejected those claims as false.

Wendy said that although she respects the LGBTQ+ community, she does not agree with their romantic choices. Robyn Crawford’s family and marital popularity were also highlighted by Williams, who also highlighted Robyn Crawford’s morals by saying, “I’m no longer a domestic wrecker!” Robyn Crawford is Whitney Houston’s close friend and manufacturer.

She has her own family of her own and no longer identifies as a lesbian. Williams and Crawford may have contributed to the suspicions even though they made it plain during their interview on her show that their relationship is completely platonic.

Wendy Williams, a well-known TV personality and former radio anchor, has acknowledged in the open that she is a person despite being consistently acknowledged as an instant lady. Williams made it obvious that the allegations about her sexual orientation and alleged romance with Crawford were false when she refuted them on her show.

For the entirety of her public existence, Williams has been transparent about her sexual orientation and her preference for male companionship. Her heterosexual orientation is further supported by the details of her private life. It includes her more than 20-year marriage to Kevin Hunter, during which she gave birth to their son.


Over the years, there have been many baseless allegations regarding Williams’s sexual orientation, claims that contradict his actions and responses. Conversations about someone’s sexual orientation need to be conducted with grace and respect, and it’s critical to remember that facts and personal disclosures should always come first in these discussions rather than conjecture. Williams’s career is deserving of respect and recognition due to its notable accomplishments in writing, broadcasting, and entrepreneurship.

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