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Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? Creative History in LGBTQ Roles

On Prime Video, you may find the romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue, in which Nicholas Galitzine plays the role of Prince Henry. His chemistry with Taylor Zakhar Perez, his co-star, was so magnetic that fans couldn’t resist. As a result, some have questioned if Galitzine is gay in real life. “No” is the simplest way to put it. Galitzine has been forthright about his sexual orientation in interviews. Regardless, he continues to portray LGBTQ+ characters in his acting career. It demonstrates his skill and commitment to his work. Despite his sexuality, he manages to embody each part.

Nicholas Galitzine: Gay or Straight?

Although there are clues that Nicholas Galitzine is not gay, we still don’t know his sexual orientation. He revealed the secret in a July 2019 interview with Wonderland Magazine regarding his acting career. As it turned out, he had gone to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the express purpose of winning the heart of a certain girl whom he had fallen for.

Instead, he developed a passion for performing after being captivated by exceptional performances. According to those specifics, Nicholas may not be gay. Although he has never openly acknowledged his sexual orientation, he is at most bisexual. And some people think he’s gay since he’s so good at portraying LGBTQ+ characters.

Meanwhile, this is still only conjecture, as these things have only been heard factually from Nicholas. Nicholas Galitzine was very forthright about his sexual orientation in a 2023 interview with Variety. Despite their sexual orientations being completely different, he discussed how he was able to embody Henry.

“It’s a delicate subject,” he stated. I wished Matthew could understand how much I valued Henry for who he was. I wanted to deliver an honest performance, not a heightened one since I cared about him as a character. Within the vibrant universe of “Red, White & Royal Blue,” Galitzine detailed how they collaborated to develop a multi-faceted, approachable character.

He was anxious, he said, but he hoped the audience would enjoy himself. “I worked hard to make Henry seem complex and realistic,” he stated. “That is the extent of my generosity.” So, despite everything, he just wanted Henry to feel like a real person.

Why Is Nicholas Galitzine Seen As Gay?

Why Is Nicholas Galitzine Seen As Gay?

Even though she primarily plays straight parts, Galitzine has been outspoken in her support of the LGBTQ community. His portrayal of LGBT characters has been discussed in interviews. Similar to his role in “Handsome Devil,” he helped the protagonist face societal constraints while also discovering who they are. His goal is for readers to go deeper than what meets the eye into his fictional creations. Particularly with his role in “Handsome Devil,” he wishes his writing could encourage LGBTQ+ youth to be authentic.

The timing of the film, he said, was perfect, coming right before Ireland voted on gay marriage. Just goes to demonstrate how important it is to be genuine when telling stories. The fact that audiences frequently form idealized notions of actors was another topic Galitzine covered. He believes performers must be themselves, not merely their parts.

How Is Nicholas Galitzine’s Relationship Doing Right Now?

Nicholas Galitzine would prefer his relationships to remain secret or undisturbed by the frequent travel that accompanies his work, which is why he is not in a relationship despite appearances to the contrary. There has been no concrete mention of him having a girlfriend, except from rumors. Before that, his Chambers series coworker Lilli Kay, who remained mum on the romance allegations, was allegedly dating him. Nicholas Galitzine prefers to keep quiet about his personal life, including his relationships, which is why his girlfriends are rarely in the spotlight.

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