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Is Eicchiro Oda dead? ‘One Piece’ Creator Eiichiro Oda still Alive or Not?

The heartbreaking news of the unexpected death of iconic creator Akira Toriyama reached anime fans on March 8. Even if Toriyama isn’t famous outside of the anime subculture, his films and other works are.

As one of the most famous anime franchises in the world, Dragon Ball is known even to those who have never watched an anime before. No matter how you feel about Toriyama’s work, it is impossible to ignore the impression it gives to those who aren’t familiar with anime whenever the subject is brought up in discussion.

Many of the most famous manga artists and creators in the world, like Eiichiro Oda, owe a great debt of gratitude to him. The creator of the iconic manga One Piece has long acknowledged Toriyama as a major influence, and his devotion to Dragon Ball is evident in his creations. As soon as word spread that Toriyama had passed away, the anime and manga world went into a state of immediate fear, and fans began to wonder how their beloved creators were doing.

Is Eicchiro Oda dead?

Is Eicchiro Oda dead?

More than six spin-offs, continuations, and crossovers have emerged from the Dragon Ball franchise during its 40 years in circulation, which began in the mid-1980s. Without this incredibly influential franchise, One Piece would not have been possible.

Thankfully, Eicchiro Oda, creator of One Piece, is still here with us, even though he is probably dealing with a lot of sadness. At 49 years old, he’s full of life and plans to finish his wildly successful manga series shortly.

Throughout its 108 volumes published thus far, with more volumes in the works, One Piece is an incredibly extensive manga. Although it is still far from finished, the manga is expected to achieve its conclusion in the following few years. Global One Piece fans would be distraught if Oda were to die before the story reached a satisfying finish. Despite the undeniable tragedy of Toriyama’s death, his admirers can take solace in the fact that his stories have found numerous satisfying conclusions, giving them a sense of closure.

The news of Oda’s healthy health is even more important because that isn’t the case for One Piece. Good news for One Piece fans: there have been no rumors that the beloved creator is struggling, so they may look forward to plenty of stuff for the foreseeable future.

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