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Ini Video Viral SMK 3 Banjarmasin Full di Tiktok dan Twitter

Skandal video SMK 3 Banjarmasin that went viral a few days ago memicu perdebatan yang luas tentang etika, privasi, and dampak media sosial on the younger generation. It has managed to captivate the attention of the Indonesian populace. It is recommended that the video be made available to the private individual in question.

As it has the potential to provoke controversy and provide beneficial information to the students of the school where they are enrolled as well as the general public comprehensively. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information regarding the chronology of the people, the dampak that is being developed, and the pelajaran berharga that may be observed from within this article.

Kronologi Insiden Video Viral SMK 3 Banjarmasin

Ini Video Viral SMK 3 Banjarmasin Full di Tiktok dan Twitter
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As a part of the private project, all of the information was gathered from a single video that was directed by the students of SMK 3 Banjarmasin. The video in question demonstrates a few students and teachers who are now engaged in a conversation with a student who is not a member of the community and who does not adhere to the standards that are established by the school. The aforementioned video was initially distributed among the members of the delegation, but it was thereafter distributed promptly through the use of peer-to-peer and social media applications.

Berikut ini adalah kronologi peristiwa yang terjadi

  • Rekaman Video: The video in question was directed by the students of SMK 3 Banjarmasin at the end of the school day. The video in question demonstrates to siswa laki-laki and perempuan that people are willing to participate in intimate physical activities, including ciuman and Pelikan. This particular video was initially viewed as a private amusement and was distributed among the members of the dean’s staff.
  • Penyebaran Video: The first person to receive the video in question, without any specific goals in mind from the staff members, can acquire the information through the use of the application for instant messaging and social media. These videos may be uploaded to a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in a very short amount of time.
  • The video in question has been viral on social media, attracting the attention of a large number of users in Kalimantan Selatan and throughout Indonesia. This is because it has been extremely popular. Perilaku siswa yang dianggap tidak pantas dan tidak sesuai dengan nilai-nilai budaya lokal is something that a large number of users are aware of and the majority of them are able to observe.
  • Tindakan Sekolah: SMK 3 Banjarmasin immediately implements a disciplined approach to dealing with students who are in a state of disobedience. The school is responsible for preparing the students for their future and addressing any concerns that may arise inside the institution. Pernyataan resmi that mengutuk perilaku siswa and meminta maaf kepada masyarakat atas kejadian tersebut at the same time is also provided by the school.


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