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Imskirby Dog Video Exposed on Twitter, Skirby Dog Controversy Explained

Many people are discussing the popular video known as “imskirby dog video” (Skirby dog video) on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. If you’ve ever wanted to know “who is imskirby” or what a “skirby dog video” is, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram model and cosplayer “imskirby” has a large online following. Skirby is her TikTok username; “imskirby” is her Twitter (now handle, and half a million people follow her. Nobody knows her real name.

The results show that hundreds of TikTok users started referring to a video with the hashtag “Imskirby”—also spelled “Skirby dog video”—which confused other users. A lot of people are commenting with questions and trolls regarding the dog video.

In this imskirby dog video, a girl in a mask cosplaying as Skirby plays with two dogs. The masked girl is thought by many admirers to be Skirby. In response to the rumors, imskirby has remained silent.

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