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Garrison Brown Obituary, ‘Sister Wives’ stars Janelle and Kody Brown son’s Death

Robert “Garrison” Brown, Kody Brown’s son, discusses his affection for Robyn Brown, his father’s fourth wife, in an episode of “Sister Wives” on TLC. Garrison claims that Robyn was instrumental in his dad becoming a monogamist at a family meeting that included Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and multiple siblings.

Robyn, according to Garrison, used the COVID-19 outbreak to isolate Kody, cast herself as the victim, and pin the blame on her family members. Several people tried to voice their disapproval of Kody and Robyn’s actions, he said, particularly those who supported their moms, Janelle and Christine. Even though Robyn despised it at first, they eventually ceased interacting with her after understanding their complaints were pointless.

A dispute between Robyn and a few older children over a pandemic-themed virtual gift exchange is at the center of the family’s discussion. Robyn brought up old family grudges, which led to an escalation of the confrontation.

It is clear from the scene that Kody had troubled ties with his adult children; Janelle saw herself as estranged from him and Christine as a divorcee. “This is us going, ‘You know what, Robyn?'” Garrison says, expressing a feeling of apathy; he and Kody were feuding before filming began. Because we’re no longer concerned, you can have him. None of us needs a father figure now that we’re adults.

While most of Garrison’s siblings share his outlook, Gwendolyn Brown Queiroz, who is half-sister to him, admits that her father’s treatment hurt her emotionally. Christine stresses that every child needs a father figure, regardless of family relationships or estrangements.

It’s evident that the family is dealing with complicated dynamics and broken connections, but the show doesn’t specify how Kody responds to Garrison’s views. “Sister Wives” explores the complex struggles endured by the Brown family and the emotional toll of changing family arrangements through its unfolding events.

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