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Brooklyn Subway Shooting Video Goes Viral on Social Media, Explained

A gunshot at the Brooklyn Subway station has been captured on video and went viral online. A person was shot in the head during the incident that happened on Thursday afternoon.

Officials say that at about 4:50 p.m. local time, a shooting incident took place on the platform of the A/C Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets station in the Brooklyn Subway. The platform is owned by the 30th Transit Precinct of the New York Police Department.

As a result, the footage of the incident has gone viral online.

Brooklyn Subway Shooting Video Shoked Internet

Predominant Video of the Brooklyn Subway Shooting The victim, a 32-year-old man, was identified by the Internet Police at a news conference held on Thursday night. He got on the C train at Bedford-Stuyvesant and was reportedly going toward Manhattan, according to Times Now.

Eyewitnesses said a 36-year-old guy approached him on the train, and then immediately began to aim his gun at him.

The individuals, according to the police officials, got into an escalating physical altercation. The 36-year-old proceeded to brandish either a knife or a razor blade.

The two guys did not appear to know each other before the physical altercation that occurred inside the train, according to Michael Kemper, the NYPD Chief of Transportation.

Each of the guys A quarrel broke out on the train. The 36-year-old pulled a gun from his jacket pocket in an aggressive move.

“I was on the train and the train had stopped onto the platform, the doors opened and suddenly there was a rush of people who came and were screaming that someone had a gun.”

He added,

“NYPD was telling everyone to get down and stay down while the train doors stayed open. People were afraid for their lives; it was an incredibly terrifying moment.”

Kemper went on to say that the older man threatened the 32-year-old with the gun and swore at him. They began fighting each other. In the heat of battle, the 32-year-old snatched the handgun and fired several shots at the 36-year-old.

A fellow rail traveler named Joyce Philippe who was in a separate car told the Daily News, As soon as they heard gunfire, multiple officers hurried to the aid of the wounded 36-year-old. The victim was rushed to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital without delay, according to the New York Post. His health was critical. In addition, he is currently having surgery.

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