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Aida Merlano: Colombian Influencer Embroiled in Video Scandal

Amidst the events of social media, Colombian influencer Aida Merlano is at the center of a heated controversy started by a video that got leaked. The video has gone viral, putting Merlano in the limelight and leading fans and internet users to talk and speculate about her. Even though the video has had several million views and is still a hot topic, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what happened or what it means.

Aida Merlano has over 5 million Instagram followers, where she goes by the handle AidaVictoriaM. She has a sizable fan base overall. Born in Colombia in the latter half of April 1999, Merlano embodies all that is characteristic of the Taurus zodiac sign. She frequently shares peeks of her lavish lifestyle on her media platforms. She initially gained widespread attention in 2019 after an incident that caused controversy: her mother’s prison escape, in which she was implicated, led to her placement under house arrest.

Since starting her Instagram journey in November 2019, Merlano has amassed a sizable following. She also spends time online on TikTok, where she had over 2 million followers and 9 million likes in the past. Even though her previous account was deleted, she has bounced back with a new one, @aidamerlano4.

Continued viewership is a testament to the success of her comic takes on traditional family reunions. Everyone is curious about Aida’s private life because she is the daughter of Aída Merlano, a famous Colombian politician and former congressman, and because she has a younger brother named Esteban José Manzaneda.

Leaked footage has caused a stir online and is currently the center of all the excitement. The video in question features Merlano in an explicit position with an unnamed man, which has caused her to be subjected to intense criticism. Even with the issue, Merlano has been involved in public controversy before.

To clear her name, Merlano has addressed the controversy on social media, denying any role in the video. The woman looked a lot like Merlano, save for a visible tattoo that read “Victory,” which Merlano herself has, so she explained to her family how confused they were by the situation. The continuing discussion surrounding the issue has been enriched by her comments.

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